Welcome to Adults Only, a collection of stories of love, lust, sex and sensuality. Within these pages lies a wonderful range of modern sex writing: stories that are raw, dangerous and powerful, as well as those that are delicate, sensitive and poignant; provocative stories that titillate the senses, as well as perverse stories that are riotously funny. Erotica, tragedy, comedy, drama (but not quite pornography). An anthology from established authors and rising talents. Adults Only is South African short-story writing at its best.

Publisher: Burnet Media, now available by order from TATTOO PRESS


“An amazing and varied, brave and creative collection of stories.”
– Heather Parker Lewis, The Interloper

“A collection of stories filled with lust, laughter and delight.”

“The book is a gem. Adults Only is a nuanced, sensitive and intelligent collection of fine stories that stimulate in the broadest sense, representing a wide range of erotic engagement.”
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