“In Death and the After Parties I write about the passing of my mother, husband, father and mother-in-law, and examine everything that happened after their deaths – the emotional frenzy, the funerals, the family strife, the fighting, the loving. I describe first-hand the shock, the grief, the mourning, the betrayals, ultimately focusing on recovering from loss.”

“If you have loved, lost or grieved this memoir will resonate deeply. As Joanne searches for a new place in her changed world, she reminds us that especially in our darkest moments we need to embrace our vulnerability in order to find strength and courage.”
– Tracy Going, best-selling author of Brutal Legacy

“This compelling, gritty, surprisingly funny memoir, is exactly what we need to read in these grim times.” 
– Helen Moffett, best-selling author of Charlotte

As I wandered through graveyards, I felt more at home there than I did with the living, as if being with the dead I could be at peace in the silence.

Memorial is everywhere

The beautiful day we sprinkled my husband’s ashes