A scorching summer in Cape Town. As fires blaze across the mountain, an evangelist delivers an ominous prophecy, right-wing thugs plot murder and mayhem… and gorgeous Rae Valentine has eyes only for her man, Anthony Durant. But Rae can’t outrun the storm of righteous fury that’s taking over the city, and when the heavens open (in more ways than she can imagine) her life takes an unexpected turn… 

In the aftermath of a vicious attack and near rape, addiction Councillor Rae Valentine – feisty, sexy, flesh and blood gorgeous and vital – begins to rebuild her life, emerging as a woman in charge of her destiny.

Not only does she give motivational talks, is commissioned to write a memoir and has more Facebook fans than she can handle, but as a newly badged investigator Rae keeps her partners’ floundering Private Investigation business in rent money while the men in her life sort out their troubles.

In Divine Justice, Rae catches a break from the small-time clientele who have her hopping after cheaters and fraudsters, to hunt the stolen jewellery of a new client. Little does she realise she will soon be caught up in a web of lies and deceit as the shenanigans of a deranged Evangelist and his followers keep her on her toes….so to speak…



“Hichens has written a cracking good crime novel set in familiar landmarks in the Cape and Namibia. An excellent book to take along on holiday.”
– Janet van Eeden-Harrison, Litnet


“Joanne Hichens’s Divine Justice is not for the faint-hearted or squeamish. This is a wonderfully edgy thriller that sears a path through Cape Town’s criminal underbelly like caustic soda.”
– William Saunderson-Meyer, Killer Thrillers

“I have to confess that I read Divine Justice twice (it is that good).”
– Mslexia Interview, Kerry Hammerton

“I love Rae, and following the ‘pulling herself up by the armpits’ journey.”
Itch Interview, Moira Richards

“An unadulterated pleasure.”
– Joe Muller, Dean of Humanities, UCT

Divine Justice is both an intriguing mystery and a brilliant character study, presenting vivid snapshots of desperate people straddling the fault lines in contemporary South African society. A gripping narrative that rushes to a thrilling climax.” – Roger Smith

“Skilfully written with lashings of black humour, complex characters and brilliant depictions of the dark, seedy underworld of Cape Town where gangsters lurk… Get it, you won’t be disappointed.”
– Tarryn Brien, Big Issue

“Hichens’s characters are compelling; she has an ear for dialogue in keeping with the theme of the book – hatred of the other. Valentine is a new star in South African crime writing and so is Hichens. Divine Justice is a gripping thriller that will pull you along page by page to an explosive climax with an unpredictable and surprising twist.”
– Brian Joss, Cape Community Newspapers

“This is a fun read. Hichens’s voice flows, the story is gritty and the characters are extreme, so much so that you might be forgiven for expecting a little tongue-in-cheek.”
– Peter J Earl, Mean Streets