In a poor district on the outskirts of Cape Town, Grace lives with her adoptive mother. Of mixed race, Grace dreams about what her birth mother is like and is plagued by a deep sense of not belonging. Rebelling against her adoptive mother’s smothering influence, Grace turns to close friend Shardonnay and her sister, Crystal. Crystal is a teenage mum and has had to drop out of school, bitter that her future has been decided by one mistake. 

Through Grace as observer, Stained explores themes of incest, child abuse, and post-natal depression.

Packed with drama and emotion from one page to the next, readers will be truly compelled by this gripping and satisfying story. Carefully chosen fonts, simple layout and controlled vocabulary help carry readers from beginning to end without any hint of chore-factor creeping in.

Publisher: Ransom Publishing
Publication Date: October 2008